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At Alpine Material Solutions we are a company that is clearly focused on becoming an industry leader by providing and producing top-quality plastic products, films and mixed material substrates. We supply and serve food processing entities, pharmaceutical and biotech companies, e-commerce marketers and their distribution networks. We also supply convertors and printers of films and flexible substrates.

We concentrate on the manufacturing laminated and co-extruded thin films. We can be responsive to rapid manufacturing needs but we also have the technical expertise to provide your company with the proper packaging solutions in order to maximize our customer’s goals of top quality presentation, protection during shipping or shelf life extension when appropriate. We specialize manufacturing in a wide array laminated film structures and lidding films and can produce films that range all the way from ultra-high barrier to highly breathable films. Our understanding of emerging processes such as HPP and MAP is central to being dedicated to continued product innovation.

Our customers are primarily, but are not limited to, food processing companies who use our products in their in-line and off-line packaging processes, plastic and paper convertors, printing companies, thermoforming companies, pharmaceutical, bio-medical and medical device manufacturers, and other industrial concerns who are seeking material solutions for packaging or process improvement.

Our films and materials are structured and engineered to perform with great efficiency. Our products are used in high speed roll fed packaging machinery, wide and narrow printing presses and thermoforming machinery. We market and sell our film products as both roll stock and as finished converted pouches and bags. Our company also provides contract primary packaging and manufacturing services such as pouch and sachet filling for cosmetics, pharmaceutical, food products, oils, gels, creams, adhesives, soaps inks and dyes. In the area of contract filling we are well equipped to work with well established, large brands as well as startup ventures that want to make an immediate impact on the marketplace.

*Services such toll lamination and toll slitting of plastic film and foil roll stock are also available upon request.

At Alpine Material Solutions we believe that honesty and integrity are virtues that, while should be naturally assumed aspects of everyday life and human interaction, can never be understated as to their importance in building and forming the foundation of rock solid business partnerships. We feel it is our responsibility to build strong, long-term relationships with our customers so that we can meet and exceed their expectations with every opportunity in which we are favored as a supplier. This philosophy guides us in our daily activities and in our ongoing efforts to provide materials that spur innovative and high quality flexible packaging products to the marketplace.

Simply put active adherence to high moral and ethical standards is central to our business purpose and philosophy.

Alpine Material Solutions serves markets in North America, South America and Europe

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