Material:Laminated Films

We provide laminated films to manufacturers of stand up and zippered pouches, printers of flexible packaging, food processors, medical device manufacturers, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies for blister packaging as well as contract manufacturing/packaging companies. Our films are engineered to meet and often exceed the standards of companies that are utilizing vertical and horizontal form-fill-seal processes (VFFS and HFFS). Often our laminated films are used as the top non-forming barrier film which then marries up to our forming films that are being used by in in-line thermoform-fill-seal process (TFFS).

Our laminated films are used in a wide variety of packaging applications and industry segments so we are cognizant of the fact that even within the same segment packaging needs can vary by product, atmosphere and machine type. If you are in need of a more basic 2-ply or 3-ply construction or you require a more exotic film structure we can definitely assist and advise you as to the best laminated film solution for your project, current program or new product package development.

In our evaluation of your needs and ultimate recommendation of a film structure we consider such factors as appropriate barrier levels, clarity requirements, breathability, ultraviolet resistance and product shelf life needs.

*We can provide toll laminating services for customers supplying raw materials. Additionally we can provide toll slitting services and will private label outgoing rolls so that they list all details and specifications that you provide us.

FilmStructures Include:

  • Metalized Polyester -mPET/PE
  • Metalized Polyolefin -mOPP/PE
  • Polyester-PET/PE
  • Aluminum Foil/PE
  • mOPP /Heat Sealable OPP
  • mPET/Heat Sealable OPP
  • AL Foil/Nylon/PE
  • Matte PET/PE
  • Matte PET/CPP
  • Matte OPP/PE
  • Matte OPP/OPP
  • Ultra-High Barrier Cosmetic Webs
  • PE/PA/PE-Hot Fill
  • Retort-PET/AL Foil/Nylon/RCPP
  • AlOx-PET/PE
  • AlOx -PET/ CPP
  • Kraft Paper/PE
  • Clay Coated Paper/PE
  • Clay Coated Paper/PP
  • Lacquer Varnish/Print/Paper/PE
  • Lacquer Varnish/Print/Paper/CPP
  • Biaxial Oriented Nylon/LLDPE
  • Capped Peelable Sealants
  • EVOH and Surlyn Sealants
  • *PE can be LDPE, LLDPE, or mLDPE mLLDPE

**(AlOx)=Aluminum Oxide is a coating applied though vacuum application process to PET or OPP that results is greatly increases raise barrier properties of these films and it is microwavable.

***(PVDC)=Polyvinylidene chloride which is also known as Saran is coating that is applied to PET or OPP that results in greatly increased barrier properties of these films.

Any above listed films can be provided as custom slit to you specific web width requirements (PET, BOPP, CPP, ALOX PET, PVDC PET, Matte PET, Nylon, LLDPE, and HDPE).