Lidding Films

Material:Lidding Films

Adherence of film to a specific tray and the resultant seal integrity requires a solid understanding and expertise in both film and tray. In addition to our deep knowledge of films and materials our customer care personnel also possess years of experience and involvement in custom thermoforming and tray design. This experience allows us to better understand the nuances of each new lidding film project and possibly to suggest ways to improve upon a current process. A thorough understanding of material and film interaction with a particular tray material is the key in providing the right packaging solution each and every time.

Lidding films

Alpine’s specialty line of lidding films are ideally suited for virtually all types of trays, tubs and cups. Available in clear, white, metalized and also in retortable form, these films can be sealed to CPET, APET, PP, PS, HIPS, PVC or coated paperboard substrates. Perfect for frozen food, fresh food, dairy products, or even industrial applications. Our lidding films are also available with customized levels of peelability. We provide lidding films that provide Easy Peel, Medium Peel, Hard Peel, or Destruct/Weld Seals. If your packaging need requires a High Barrier we have films designed for the products that you need to keep safe from harmful bacteria and oxygen to improve shelf-life. Alpine’s Material Solution’s high barrier lidding films are made for use on ready-made trays as well as top-non forming webs on all thermoform-fill-seal (TFFS) lines.

Lidding films

Alternatively if your need is for High Breathability we have lidding films that are ideally suited to extend the shelf-life of your fresh-cut produce, by properly controlling the release of CO² and the entry of O² into the package. Designed to be peelable or to weld seal to trays that are formed out of a variety of material substrates, these films are perfect for the packaging of fresh-cut tomatoes, onions and other cut produce.

*Many of our lidding films are kept in stock in master roll form so that we can quickly slit to your specific roll/web width within 2 weeks but we can also provide films that are completely tailored to your unique packaging requirements. We convert the finest coated plastic substrates available in the market.

Die Cuts Lids

  • Lidding Films
  • Lidding Films
  • Lidding Films

Our die cut lids can be produced as peelable or as weld seal items. We produce lids that create peelable seals to almost any material that a cup, tub or tray might be formed from.

We can produce custom size cutting dies but we also have a vast library of dies already in stock. Our stock die selection enables us to react rapidly to your new packaging requirements and it will save you considerable monies in not having a custom cutting die produced.


  • Dual Ovenable - can be used in microwave or conventional oven
  • Micro Perforated
  • Laser Perforated
  • Macro Perforated
  • High Clarity
  • Anti-Fog (AF)
  • Peelable
  • Easy Peel
  • Medium Peel
  • Hard Peel
  • Weld/Destruct/Lock Seal
  • Peel-Reseal
  • vZone located Peel-Reseal
  • Breathable
  • Highly Breathable, High OTR
  • Diary
  • H.P.P.-High Pressure Processing
  • IMS Certified

    *Die Cut Lids

  • Custom Printed
  • Plain
  • Foil
  • PET
  • Paper
  • Paper/Foil/PE