Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most appropriate choice of material for my process?
A: This is completely application driven. Once we understand your goals in using a particular material or film we can best serve you.

How much material do I need for my production run?
A: If you unsure of how to quantify your needs one of our helpful and consultative customer care personnel will be able to discuss your project or on-going need and assist you in with your ultimate requirements.

Are your products made of recycled materials?
A: Yes we have numerous substrates that are comprised of recycled material, both pre-consumer and post consumer.

What's the turn-a-round time for producing your materials?
A: This is completely dependant upon what type of material you seek but many of our materials and films are extruded and converted in the United States so lead-times can be as little as 2 weeks if you company is located in North America.

How do I get in contact with a consultative company representative?
A: Please visit our contact information tab listed at the top of this page and either e-mail us your request or call us directly at the phone number listed. For less immediate responses you can send your request to our mailing address that is also listed.

How can I get a sample for qualification and validation?
‚ÄčA: After an initial discussion of your project or need we can better evaluate if our company will be the proper resource for you. If discovery is such that Alpine Material Solutions can be of assistance to your company, we will be glad to provide samples of the various products that we market.

Do you provide mulch film for the bagging of mulch and related Products?
A: Yes, we do sell what is typically centerfold roll stock film for mulch and other landscaping related products. These films can also be microperforated for increased shelf life and printed up to ten colors for enhanced marketing appeal.

Does your company provide custom film or custom sheet products?
A: Yes, much of what we provide the market place requires that we provide a custom film or plastic sheet solution.